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In today’s technologically advanced world, digital media plays a huge role in our personal and business lives which has caused the use of mobile phones to skyrocket in recent times. The average mobile phone user will tap and swipe their phone 2617 times a day. Mobile apps account for 89% of mobile medium time with the other 11% spent on websites . This insight has made mobile the most effective medium to reach your audience in the digital space.

With every advancement in technology, there is even a greater need for businesses to evolve in order to meet and communicate with their customers. Despite the growing popularity and acceptance of mobile applications, most small business owners are quite skeptical about the use of mobile applications because of their website or social media pages. While a website raises awareness and helps your customers find you easily, mobile apps provide an engaging experience that helps foster customer relationships, build retention and provide insight for building a customer journey.

But, why should businesses invest in mobile applications?

As of 2017, more than 40% of online transactions were happening on mobile and by 2025 the numbers should have increased by more than 50%. We are in the era of mobile apps technology which is evident in the increase in variety and types of apps that are being released and downloaded every day. It is expected that between 2016 and 2020 the number of yearly downloads is expected to double by almost 284 billion. To position your brand and gain competitive advantage you should come up with a mobile strategy that gets you more conversions.

How can a mobile application grow my brand?

With the data mentioned above, it is glaring that mobile application may be the next gold mine. If you agree,Here are some of the amazing benefits why your business needs a mobile application to grow in this new age.

1. Build personalized relationship with your audience

With a mobile app businesses can interact with their customers in real time. Mobile apps provide more interaction than the web using engaging features that keep your audience engaged. This is necessary for building a relationship with customers because 80% of customers expect direct interactions with the brand they are involved with. In building a lasting relationship with your brand you must realize that communication should continue even after a purchase and this is what mobile apps can do. This relationship can lead to better engagement and customer retention.

With mobile apps, brands have the opportunity to deliver highly segmented personalized communication to users based on their individual preferences. With app specific features, brands are able to create experiences for customers, increase purchase and foster a stronger relationship with the brand. File Transfer: page1image10143808.png

2. Real time knowledge of customer behavior through insights

Data is important for understanding your customer behavior and growing your brand. By utilizing a mobile app a brand can collect records on what customers like or hate about the products or service. Mobile apps will help you track downloads, user engagements, features they find interesting and products that are most preferred.

You can get data on your audience’s geolocation, demographic data, interests and other statistics which can be used in brand positioning. These data collected can help your brand, track the way users interact with the app, and provide your brand with a deeper understanding on how to improve for a deeper user experience and an insight on where to focus your next marketing campaign. You can only serve your customers when you understand them.

3. Increase revenue

Mobile apps can lead to sales growth and give brands an opportunity to earn additional revenue. By personalizing and simplifying the purchase process apps can significantly improve customer experience which in turn can lead to sales.

Using app special features like push notifications and geolocation you can motivate your customers to purchase from you using special sales tactics like promotions, coupons, discounts and send special offers to customers who are in close proximity to their store. These days mobile apps can be monetized using popular app monetization strategies that include: in-app advertising, in-app purchases and paid services. E-commerce brands can activate a secure mobile payment on their mobile apps to make it easier for their customers to shop.

4. Stay ahead of competition

While so many brands are yet to involve mobile apps in their strategy, an app for every business is fast becoming a reality because of the continued growth of mobile and evolving customer behavior. Creating a mobile app can give you an edge over your competitors, help you position your brand using the insights gained from mobile apps and use it to drive your marketing strategy. A mobile app will give you a strong presence in your industry and help you stand out in the crowd. And if your competition has an app, you would not want to lag behind.

5. Build brand awareness and customer loyalty

Mobile apps can be used to attract attention to your business, this can be done using marketing channels that provide visibility and awareness. Through feedback, polls, opinion and customer services provided on the app, there is regular interaction on the app which in turn can build trust and increased loyalty. A mobile app can greatly expand brand visibility this is because creating brands that customers love can lead to better feedback and referrals from target audience.

Customers will be loyal to your brand if there is a true and sincere connection. Your mobile app should be easy to use, simplified, provide solutions to prospect problems and provide a lasting solution. You can also reward your customers using loyalty programs, share bonuses and discounts that can be tailored to each individual customer and their personal preferences. The secret to brand loyalty is to always go the extra mile with the services, information you provide on your app and with constant interaction from your customers, you can grow brand loyalty.

The world is becoming a mobile global village and there is no turning back. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, mobile apps are extremely useful in attracting new customers and retaining old ones. While these sectors (ride sharing, food delivery, logistics, retail, airlines, entertainment, medicine, beauty) have dominated the mobile app world, new service sectors are springing forth with innovative ideas for mobile apps . Whatever your business goal is in relation to growth and development, launching a mobile app can help you achieve that goal. This is the time to take advantage of the mobile app market and grow your brand.

At (name of company) we understand how important your business is to you. And we are highly specialized in building mobile apps for a variety of business functions to reach the right audience when you want.

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