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Minding Your Business Technologically


What do you think about your grandma buying the latest, most sophisticated smartphone just to take selfies? Exactly. Thoroughly under-utilized. We think so too because who has that much possibility and does nothing with it? Oh, the pain. Do you know what else is under-utilized? Application of technology to businesses.

No doubt technology is great for networking, media production, stock production, processing, and packaging but there are other ways to achieve business growth and expansion using technology. Be it existing or new technology, there is a whole world of possibilities endless that come with them.


Regardless of the scale of operation, every business can surely benefit from using appropriately suited technology. Here are some uses and advantages of technology in your business:

•A strong digital presence: A strong digital presence can never be over-emphasized when it comes to businesses. We are in an era where it is essential for businesses to have a strong digital presence and defined strategy in order to flourish. When this is in place, resources and opportunities will be effectively used. This will avoid wastage and improve growth. Digital technologies help businesses reach larger audiences and build strong customer relationships. This is why businesses should leverage the benefits of email marketing, websites, digital advertisement, amongst others.

•To Increase productivity: The range of business software has expanded considerably with time and this has helped businesses get rid of slow, rigorous processes. Technology has made it really easy these days to work remotely, yet efficiently. The remote method makes it easier to connect with people who have the necessary skill set but are not in the same geographical location of the business. These people can contribute their quota to effective production from their comfort zone. Tasks can also to automated to help make better use of time and resources.

•Customer relations: Professional Services Automation (PSA) and modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can be integrated seamlessly into businesses to benefit businesses and customers alike. These utility programs provide top-notch customer communication service and eliminate the time gap between the customer reaching out and feedback. This way, customers can be responded to at any time, not only when staff gets to their offices.

•Cloud benefits: This mix of digital and mobile technologies will go a long way in boosting efficiency and business expansion. Talk about productivity that doesn’t cost you space, yet affords you access to a plethora of files and information from anywhere in the world,  with just a link! Too good to be true? Well, that is a benefit of the cloud. Now is your business back up on the cloud or inside the room at the back? Cloud-based apps are generally secure so that information at data entry points at guarded.

•Facilitate payment and payment records: It is quite easy and possible these days to make money transactions without holding cash at a counter. Payments and payment records can be done online and offline with technology from all over the world through secure means. Most payment processing software – like OmniFund, PayPal – offer multiple services that include recurring payments, invoicing, and reporting.

•For security: Every business thrives on originality and to have that stolen can deal a harsh blow to the original owners. Technology provides tight security measures to defend businesses and customers from theft of all forms, virus invasion, plagiarism, and a wide range of risks. Firewalls, Spyware, Bot Mitigation, Encryption software, Intrusion prevention, and more will definitely help preserve safety as the business expands.

•Record insights and analytics: Monitoring and evaluation are necessary for planning and strategizing. Be it marketing, advertisement, sales, visibility, and reach, you can effectively record and manage these with the help of technology.

•Efficient stock management: Because technology is so large, it can accommodate a larger database of customers for you so you do not need to worry about how to maintain more customers. There is software that is cloud-based and has the ability to keep records of and manage very huge records of stock. These stock-processing applications are a must-have because they are accurate, flawless, and do not require much time to produce information.

The goal of every business is to expand and achieve sustainable growth. Technology can be a great asset for that. It is a grand tool for promotions, marketing, production, and so on. Don’t be like grandma, leverage on as many technological services as you can, and watch your business expand tangibly in record time.

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